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Monday, February 1, 2010

What you will need at home after you hip replacement.

Before my surgery I had spent a lot of time on line looking for information about what to expect after total hip replacement surgery. What I now know is that most of what I had read is just wrong. Do I decided to share from my own experience in hopes that it may help some one else be better prepared.

The things you will need to have at home after your surgery.

1. More than one grabber. You will need at least three. Why so many? Because before it is all said and done, at least two of them will break.

2. You will want two walkers, one with wheels and a food tray, and one without wheels. If you have a shower large enough, you really should take the walker with no wheels in with you.

3. Take something to the hospital with you long enough to reah your legs. MORPHINE MAKES YOUR SHIN ITCH.

4. Buy some hair remover, you will not be able to shave your legs.

5. Buy a lot of your supper favorites foods. Your apatite will suffer from all the pain pills. ( nothing like, crackers. For some reason, your skin and mouth will be really dry, and you will not want to eat dry food.

6. Your will need a lift seat for your potty. One with arm is great. If there is a portable potty in your room at the hospital and allow you to take it home, take it! You may find it handy to have near where you are sleeping. You will be slow moving for a long time. If you are any thing like me, I may not make it in time on a good day!

7. Buy any tool you can find to help you with putting on your shoes and socks.

8. Buy a long handled foot or back brush, you will need to wash your feet. Reaching your feet will be a thing of the past for awhile and I found this to be one of the biggest point of anger.

9. Invest in a lest 4 freezer pack so you can use them as ice packs for pain. Your will be glad you have them.

Just some point of interest,

10. If you are having the right hip done, you may want to take your time getting back to driving. I waited for 5 weeks. Start with very short trips until you know how you feel. I could not wear my seat belt for a long time.

11. You will have to take a large amount of antibiotics before getting any dental work done for the rest of your life

12. I had bought myself some loose fitting shorts before the surgery and I am really glad I did. It was so much easier.

If you have any other things you might want to know you can e mail me at


Almost Precious said...

I can really relate to this post. I had my left hip joint replaced several years ago. It took me a good year before I felt "normal" and a couple of more until it felt like it was just a natural part of my body.

Yeah, I truly dislike taking the strong antibiotics before going to the dentist...upsets my stomach something awful. The surgeon who did the replacement told my dentist that after a couple of years I didn't need to take the antibiotics, but my dentist wouldn't hear of it. He said 1 person had died due to infection probably related to not taking the antibiotics before a dental cleaning and therefore he was not about to even see me unless I took the meds. I'm seriously thinking about going to the dentist only once a year as I get so nauseous when I take the antibiotics.

BTW I found your blog through an etsy forums thread about getting blog followers. I'll be following your blog, it's nice to visit a blog that isn't about a teeny bopper, if you know what I mean. :)

http://lightworks.etsy.com said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I was doing pretty well after my replacement until I took a fall in the kitchen Christmas day. I have not been right sense then. My doctor took ex-rays and says every thing is fine.
I am glad I had it done, only because I had let it go so long that I was in so much pain every day.