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Saturday, November 27, 2010

From my Personal Experience!

I would love to shout this from the roof tops for all women!

All around me I see women, of all ages staying in a marriage or relationship with Men who are unkind, controlling, leave you neglected, cruel, doesn't want you to have a life. I have one important thing to say to you. GET OUT! Go back to school, get a job, do what ever you have to too build a life, your life, not a by product of what he thinks you should be. Love is not a ball and chain!

Don't listen to your Mother, Sister, Aunt's, friends or any one else who tells you different. ANY WOMAN WHO TELLS YOU TO STAY, DOES NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. I don't care who they are! If you have children then you really need to get out. You are not doing them any justice by staying. If you have a daughter, you are teaching them that they are not worth having a man who will be good to them. If you have a Son, you are teaching them that is ok to treat woman badly.

This may sound harsh, but your life and your free will was giving to you for you! When you give it away, and then find yourself unhappy, and then you want God to make it better. You ask him to change the person you have given all you power away to. You pray and ask God to show them the light, turn them into the kind of person that will be kind and caring. GET REAL! I truly do believe that God is saying " Look, I gave you life, I gave the free will, and a brain. Start using it. You choose to give it away and only you can take it back."

It amazes me that women are still this dumb. It is time to wake up, and grow up. Stop selling out.
Stop teaching your beloved Daughters to put up with abuse. Teach them to stand on there own two feet, be proud. Don't settle for less. Please help break the cycle of abuse. Not LETTING you work is abuse, Not LETTING you drive a car is abuse. Not giving you any money is abuse. Not LETTING you have any friends is abuse. I could go on and on.

Who ever is reading this, I love you. Please, if you have a man in you life is abusive, please love yourself enough to find your self, find your freedom.

Rev. Deyani Wolf

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have been going through a divorce and I really feel the need to share some insight with you.
If you have not experienced dealing with our legal system pertaining to divorce lately I think most would be very dismayed with the attitude of the legal system concerning women. I cannot tell you what year the laws were changed in most states, but it is of no benefit to women. Not being able to sue for divorce any longer only benefits the courts. It is but another part of our system that is run and controlled by men, and as women we are not treated fairly.

If you were a stay at home wife, you will suffer the most. Even after a long term marriage. In asking for any alimony you are made to feel as if you are a second class citizen asking for a hand out. It no longer matter if for the past 10 years, your husband has lived in the bars, did drugs, cheated on you, or any other undesirable behavior. The term " hard working man" really carries a lot of weight with the rest the rest of the men within the legal system. All the work the wife did within the home carries NO VALUE WHAT SO EVER! Mind you, they won't and can't come right out and say that, but believe me they are sure thinking it. And even if you are awarded a settlement and alimony you may not get it. Heaven help you if your ex moves out of state. Ad it stand now, if he leaves the state and does not pay, being in contempt of court is not on a nation wide data base system. In order for a bench warrant to be put into force, you must now go through the legal system of what ever state he now resides in. This is very costly, and most women can not afford any more attorney fees.

If you are considering filling for a divorce, these are a few thing to before hand.

1. Don't believe every thing the lawyer tells you. He or she will tell you just want you want to hear to your money.

2. You need to let them know up front you will not allow your husband's attorney to get by with asking for any delay in any hearing or mediation. " TO BAD IF HE HAS TO LOOSE A DAY'S WORK" If you are going to need alimony to get by, this will only cause a big delay in getting it.

3. If you have a mediation, remember that less is more. Don't give any more information than is needed because it may be used against you at a later date.

4. And the big one is, if you are asked how long ago did you know that the marriage was broken, be careful of your answer. If you say something like 5 year they will try and deduct the length of time of your marriage. This can effect the amount of your alimony in a big way.

5. Keep in mind even if you have a women lawyer she still works within the same legal system that is run by men.

The sad thing is, if you are too soft with your lawyer they will not take you seriously, and if you are too aggressive you are looked at as a bitch. You can't win for loosing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What you will need at home after you hip replacement.

Before my surgery I had spent a lot of time on line looking for information about what to expect after total hip replacement surgery. What I now know is that most of what I had read is just wrong. Do I decided to share from my own experience in hopes that it may help some one else be better prepared.

The things you will need to have at home after your surgery.

1. More than one grabber. You will need at least three. Why so many? Because before it is all said and done, at least two of them will break.

2. You will want two walkers, one with wheels and a food tray, and one without wheels. If you have a shower large enough, you really should take the walker with no wheels in with you.

3. Take something to the hospital with you long enough to reah your legs. MORPHINE MAKES YOUR SHIN ITCH.

4. Buy some hair remover, you will not be able to shave your legs.

5. Buy a lot of your supper favorites foods. Your apatite will suffer from all the pain pills. ( nothing like, crackers. For some reason, your skin and mouth will be really dry, and you will not want to eat dry food.

6. Your will need a lift seat for your potty. One with arm is great. If there is a portable potty in your room at the hospital and allow you to take it home, take it! You may find it handy to have near where you are sleeping. You will be slow moving for a long time. If you are any thing like me, I may not make it in time on a good day!

7. Buy any tool you can find to help you with putting on your shoes and socks.

8. Buy a long handled foot or back brush, you will need to wash your feet. Reaching your feet will be a thing of the past for awhile and I found this to be one of the biggest point of anger.

9. Invest in a lest 4 freezer pack so you can use them as ice packs for pain. Your will be glad you have them.

Just some point of interest,

10. If you are having the right hip done, you may want to take your time getting back to driving. I waited for 5 weeks. Start with very short trips until you know how you feel. I could not wear my seat belt for a long time.

11. You will have to take a large amount of antibiotics before getting any dental work done for the rest of your life

12. I had bought myself some loose fitting shorts before the surgery and I am really glad I did. It was so much easier.

If you have any other things you might want to know you can e mail me at