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Saturday, July 4, 2009


If you are like me, I have some silly or strange little questions or thoughts that will run through my mind from time to time.Most of them we don't give them much notice and just let them float on by. Maybe some of them are more on a serious side and you might just want to share them.I decided it might be fun to start writing them down. Making an ongoing segment adding to the list, and for my readers to send me their funny or strange little thoughts, and maybe add them to our list. So, keep checking in for more update!!

1. If men only use only one side of their brains, then why do they rule the world?

2. Do bugs know that they freak most of us out? Do they get a kick out of us scramming, recoiling, and chasing them with little hope of catching them?

3. Why does out local and state government push so hard to pass a law that we can get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt and they won't give a ticket to the jerk that will not us a turn signal before they cut you off? maybe if they worked harder to give out tickets to people who drive like they don't have a brain in there heads, and have little or now consideration for any one else, we wouldn't need a law to make us all wear seat belts.

4. Wouldn't you love to be a fly one the wall inside of DR. Phil's house to see what REALLY goes on in their marriage?

5. Don't you think that is is time that along with raising the consciousness about polluting our environment with toxins, we also need to understand how we pollute our world with our toxic thought of HATE, WAR, SELFISHNESS?

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