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I hope you find something that you find of interest. I wanted my blog to reflect more than just jewelry, but some issues and ideas for other women.

This is my first blog and I am learning as I go.
I will be posting some of my jewelry items that can be found on my Etsy store @ lightworks.etsy.com

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Friday, January 9, 2009

My Little Work Space

Well it is a new year! I decided to start this year with trying to make a little more room in my very small studio. When we moved into our house my husband decided (all on his own) to give me the (very small) extra room for my office space. He took the big one! So after getting tired of not being able to move, I decided to get rid of some things, move others around, and add another four foot table to my space. Some of the artist on Etsy have shared pictures of their wonderful studios so I though I would share my picture of my little, (way to small) studio with you too!

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