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Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am dedicating this blog to my best friend and soul sister, Mia Lon Fantozz. She passed away from cancer in 2000, however she is still with me in spirit and heart.
I want to share some poetry that she wrote and was printed in The National Library of Poetry and won the Editor's choice award for outstanding achievement in poetry in 1997.


They said to their teacher, tell us about light.
Help us to see it in everything.
He pointed to the sky above and said.
The sun is the main light from where all things come.
With the sun there is day, warmth and energy.
For all living things to grow easily.
For the light in the night there's the moon in the sky.
Clocking our daily paths to our Ascension, immortal time.
For extra elegant brilliance, he added the stars.
Along with the planets from Pluto and Mars.
If this was not enough, He promised us hope in the rainbow above.
And wrapped this all up by calling it the Universe of Love.
He turned his head, looked to the ground and smiled.
At all the radiance in the nature growing for miles.
His eyes beheld the love of the animals, the color of flowers.
The flowing of the rivers, this land which is ours.
All of this is beauty of various lights to behold.
But, the true light is within ourselves: It's called the soul.

By Mia Lon D. Fantozz
Never to be forgotten!

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Almay Alday said...

What a beautiful dedication!