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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A little about my Pluto Puppy,

Nine years ago I was watching TV, and the local news was showing a pet shelter that the city was going to be closing down and the dogs that were there were going to be put down if they were not found homes within a few days.

I had my husband drive me to the shelter and this place was a real mess. I understood why the city was going to shut them down. I just couldn't believe how very dirty and smelly this place was. It was one cage after another of dogs and cats. As I walked around, all the dogs seemed ready to bit my head off if I got too close. At one point I had to step outside for some fresh air. My husband wanted to go but I just knew that I was suppose to be there and that I was missing the dog that I was to rescue. So, my second time around I noticed a cage in the corner and I saw what looked like just a big ball of fur. There was this big reddish dog so curled up in a ball I could not even see his face. Well to make a long story shorter, I fell in love with this poor dirty, emotionally shut down dog and brought him home. It took a long time for him to remember what it was like to be a dog, but he responded to love very quickly.

He and I have been through a lot. We postponed our Christmas (2007) because Pluto had just gotten out of the hospital. He had gotten a Hematoma in one of his ears and required surgery. Due to his age, and lack of coping skills it was very hard on him and myself. For two weeks I stayed with him around the clock and got VERY little sleep. A few months later he developed another one in his other ear. However this time we were able to find a vet that treated it with an injection that caused the ear to shrink up and dry up the Hemotama. At this point he can no longer put his ears up all the way and they look kind of funny, but he is doing great and he was able to enjoy his Christmas this year with the entire family and friends who all love him very much.

If you are thinking about getting a new pet to add to your family, please visit your local shelter and save a life!